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When you become eligible for Medicare:

Original Medicare Parts A and B aren't going to cover all of your healthcare costs. That's where Medicare supplement plans can help. This information is designed to help you understand the many benefits of choosing a Medicare supplement plan to cover the costs that Original Medicare Parts A and B do not cover.

When it comes to Medicare supplement insurance, you're not just picking a plan for today; you're picking one for every day down the road. That's why choosing the right insurer is so important.

What is standardized Medicare supplement insurance?

A Medicare supplement plan is insurance sold by private insurers that helps pay for some of the expenses not paid by Original Medicare Parts A and B. These plans pay about 20% or more in out-of-pocket expenses not paid by Medicare Part B.

Not sure what you may expect from Original Medicare coverage? Go to www.medicare.gov for a breakdown of Medicare Parts A and B, and Part D prescription drug coverage.

Here's the important part:

The standardized Medicare supplement insurance plan basic benefits you buy from one company are the same as the basic benefits of the same plan that you might buy from any other company. The prices may vary from insurer to insurer, but essentially every company that sells Medicare supplement insurance is providing the same basic benefits. That means it's your Medicare supplement provider who is really going to make the difference.

There are several plans to choose from, so you may be able to find one to meet your needs and budget. Here are some important things to consider about all Medicare supplement insurance plans:

1. They have no network restrictions.

2. You can keep your own doctors, as long as they accept Medicare.

3. You do not need referrals to see a specialist.

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