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Individual Planning Services

CD Alternatives
Guaranteed rate, tax deferred alternative to lower-rate, taxable Certificates of Deposit. Designed to accumulate money for retirement, while reducing your taxable income. Allows for partial annual withdrawal, lifetime income or lump-sum withdrawal at maturation.
Retirement Planning
The process of setting aside funds to provide deferred income benefits at retirement.
• Rollover IRA  • SEP
Income Planning
The process of helping individuals prepare for retirement’s transition from asset accumulation to income generation and asset distribution.
• Guaranteed Lifetime Income
• Pension Maximization/Pension Protection.
Insurance Planning
The process of assisting an individual to care for loved ones in the event of a catastrophe and/or transferring risks by ensuring lifestyle continuation and asset protection.
• Major Medical / Health Insurance / Dental
• Accident
• Mortgage & Income Protection
• Retirement Supplements
• Non-Qualified Deferred Compensation
Legacy Planning
The process of helping individuals articulate, create and implement an end-of-life plan that is consistent with their values and final wishes. Extends peace of mind well beyond the benefits of a will and life insurance.
• Express wishes & share precious memories
• Prevent family feuds
• Pass on family values
Medicare Planning / Health
The process of explaining to individuals the Medicare program and associated supplemental services designed to decrease financial risks associated with medical costs.
• Medicare Supplement
• Part D Prescription Drug
• Cancer/Heart/Stroke/Critical Illness
• Funeral / Final Expense
• Long-Term Care / Asset-based
• Lump-Sum Cancer
• Medicare Advantage
Estate Planning
The process of arranging your financial affairs so that your wealth will be distributed according to your wishes after your death and to avoid undue taxation.
• Intergenerational Wealth Preservation
• Estate Tax Reduction Strategies
• Family & Asset Protection

Social Security